Products & Services

Automation and Controls

The automation & controls division offers a wide range of automation solutions to the Oil & Gas and Utility Industry. Speciality in programming and integrating PLC, SSC, RTU, MTU, SCADA and control systems. Starting from FEED till final handover, we involve ourselves in all aspects from design, engineering, to build, FAT, installation and commissioning. We also do offer training and after sales maintenance services.

SCADA hardware and software products
  • PLCs and RTUs 
  • Gas flow meters.
  • VHF radios
  • Liquids management system.
  • Real-time operation data for pipelines 
  • RTUs for gas networks & substations 
  • Human machine interface
  • Comprehensive automation and information software
  • Wireless instrumentation
Intelligent Power Monitoring
  • Energy Management
  • Systems Optimization
  • Advanced process Automation
Safety  Control systems
  • Emergency shutdown systems (ESD).
  • Fire & gas systems (F&G).
  • High integrity pipeline protection system (HIPPS).
  • Burner management system (BMS).
Rig Control Systems
  • Anti Collision
  • Rig Instrumentation
  • Well Control Equipment
  • Drillers Cabins
  • Brake Controls
  • Managed Power Equipment