Products & Services

Process Equipments

The  Process Equipment Division deals with heat & combustion engineering, separation technology, rotating process equipments and high pressure vessels, reactors and internals.

  • Static
  • Rotating
Heat transfer and combustion engineering products
  • Thermal oxidizers & rotary concentrators.
  • Flares, burners & combustion systems. .
  • Hot oil, water bath & fired heaters.
  • Ovens, furnaces & gas conditioning systems.
Radiator & Heat Excangers
  • Wind Power Plant
  • Radiator
  • Shell & Tube Type Heat Exchangers
  • Deaerator
  • Distillation Columns & Tower Reboiler Condenser, Pressure Vessel & Storage Tank, Air Cooled & Fin Tube Bundle
  • Feed Water Heater
  • Steel Structure
Engineered Skids & Process Packages
  • Fuel Gas Conditioning  Packages    
  • Heat Transfer/  Hot Oil Packages  
  • Black  Powder Filtration System 
  • Nitrogen  Generation  System  Packages 
  • Fuel Oil Pumping  Package  
  • Cooling Water Circulation  Package 
  • Chemical  Injection  Package 
  • Vapor Recovery  Packages
  • Electric Process Heating Package Automation  & Controls  Panels 
  • Modular systems for the Air Quality and Nox Reduction
  • Modular Pipeline Pumping Package

Water and waste water treatment equipment
  • Water control gates comprising of :  Sluice gates, slide gates, open channel gates, weir gates, flap gates, stop logs .
  • Coarse screens for pumping station and water intake systems .
  • Fine screens for treatment plants and other screening products.
  • Very Fine Screens for MBR / MBBR  processes or for food industry Screening handling equipment like belt conveyor, screw conveyor, screw conveyor with washer and compactor. 
  • Knife gate valves for liquid handling 
  • Water Hammer control equipment- Zero velocity valves & Air Cushion valves
  • Energy Dissipating valves.
  • Screw Pump.
  • Process equipment for water, waste water and effluent treatment plants such as : Clariflocculators, Detritors, Surface Aerators, Clarifiers, Thickeners, Trickling Filters, Gravity Decanters.

Mechanical seals
  • Single acting & multiple acting seals.
  • Split mechanical seals.
  • Gas-lubricated & dry-running mechanical seals.
  • Accessories for mechanical seals.
Separation Solutions
  • Wire mesh, vane pack and fiberbed mist eliminators.
  • Vane type and slotted T-shaped inlet devices.
  • Liquid distribution baffles.
  • Wire mesh coalesces.

Process Equipment Internals
  • Column Internals
  • Column Packing-Pall Ring, Raschig Ring, saddle, Super Saddle, Hy-Pak, IMTP, Hi-Flow Ring, Tellerette etc. (Metal, Plastic, Ceramics, Alumina, PP)
  • Column Trays- Bubble Cap Tray, Valve Cap Unit, Solvay Sieve tray, Cartridge Type Tray
  • Quick Opening – From size 6" to 96" Nominal diameter--Locking Ring Type, Locking Head Type, Clamp Ring Type, Swing Bolt Type, Steam Drum Manhole
ESP Surface Squipments

  • Submersible centrifugal pump.
  • Gas processors.
  • Protector.
  • Motors.
Pumping Solutions
  • High pressure single stage centrifugal pump.
  • Advance pilot tube technology.
  • Single or double mechanical seal.
Blowers & Gas Boosters
  • Multistage Fabricated Blowers
  • Custom Blowers & Gas Boosters
  • Power Mizer® Cast Blowers
  • Single Stage Fabricated Blowers
  • Special Blower Features
  • Vortex® Regenerative Blowers
Vacuum Systems
  • Central Vacuum Systems
  • Self-Contained Vacuums
  • Car Care Vacuum Systems
  • Vacuum Separators

  • Centrifugal Compressor
    • MCO compressor
    • MCL Single Shaft Mult-stage
    • BCL Single Shaft Multi-Stage
    • PCL Single Shaft Multi-Stage
    • SVK Gear-increased Multi-stage
    • SV Single Stage High Pressure
    • DH Gear Integral Multi-stage
  •  Axial compressors 
    •    MAC centrigual and axial combine
    •    MA axial compressor
  •  Resiprocating Compressors